Kathmandu-Agra to Thailand

It started on oktober2000 on the friendshiphighway way from Lhasa to Katmandu by jeep,whereI met 6 cyclists in Shegar on their wy towards Katmandu me as a cyclist ,I just had to try to get a bike in KTM. Sothe next mission was to organice a mountainbike soon as possible .When I arrived in Katmanndu, where I met some more cyclists, they told me where to find more bike stuff.I went Straight to a shop called Dusk till Down where I found most of the gear I was looking for. The only thing that was missing was the frame wich I found in the Katmandu-Guesthouse,a second shop where they rent bikes .After a weekand a bit of workI was a Proud owner of a Rockymountain whit a trailer the rest like panniers ,tools ,spareparts I organized when there was a chance to get some stuff from other cyclists I met in the streetsAfter i got my bike set , I met Janne a Swedish Cyclist and Nadine a canadian Girl . Janne helped me to sort out my tools needed and since today I got some helpful tips about the gear and specially news about tibetan road and PSB news for more info's about his cyclingtips go to the linkpage


Dave on the left and a French puss* wrestling on the balcony in the guesthouse. I think puss was the only one standing topless in front of the bakery in January!!

*that's how he called the tourists fully loaded going to Everest base-camp just because he never wares socks and a jacket in the .




"Jannewhat the hell are you doing ?"...smile... "shaving why??"

Actually his beard was off but ...it looked more like cutting of his face  





It was around christmas when theey had riots goiing onin the

streets of thamel, a sad thing to have over Christmas, eight peoples killed, the youngest 

one 12years old ! Shot by a military man while she was looking out of a window! Around a week later New year, again riots

against the Indians. 

Because an Indian actor sad that the only country and peoples he hated were the Nepalis .So 

of course the hell was on in KTM against the Indian shops . The same thing in India against the Nepali shops ! 



Sebastien a french guy and me on our way to langtang






After two and a half month I left KTM ,where I spent a superb time whit some good friends I met in this city.


On the road in the terray of Nepal





On theroad through the terray I met Patrick a Canadian ,while having a break on theroad. We carried on together to visit the Bardia national park ,to search forsome tigers. Two days to go ,and the closer we get, the wilder it gets. Whilecrossing a bridge we saw crocodiles laying in the sand close to the river ,deer'srunning into the bush ,and eagles making big circles in the sky .

While trying to filter some water Patrick's filter broke ..merde!! So we were searching for anything that fits to replace the broken o-ring....after going through our bags he found something really funny especially for the nepalis, a condom .The party was on!!! We used the rubber ring of it and fitted it well it its place and it worked but....don't pump too hard !





In a small village we found our next bed ,on the first floorof a traditional nepali earth house.


Finely we arrived in Bardia NP through a nice forest of huge trees we found the guesthouse we were looking for ,a really wild place out there in the bush ,with lots of different birds ,monkeys ,rhinos ,elephants ,snakes ,tigers, and freshwater dolphins in the river. After walking for 12 hours in the bush we came back to the camp . No risk ! No Tiger !No Action !  But fun.


I left Bardia after 5 day, to get closer to Indian border. My first destination was Mahendranagar (Banbassa) the western border-crossing of Nepal, where I entered India .The closer I got the more I became scared .But of what and why ? Janne told me "better U than me going to India .The worse enemy you can have in India is lonelyness ".But I thought never say never ,and I made the step crossing the border ,with a self corrected visa-extension (only four days longer). :-))

Sleeping outside forget it I told myself ,too much peoples everywhere.

So I slept each night in a guesthouse .




After a hard core trip in India I just had enough of everything ,got hit by potatoes on the market ,got kicked on the handlebar from a youngster on a horse car, while riding, and had almost a accident ,so I decided to leave India and to get a plane to Thailand . Soon as possible ...! I told the lady in the travel office ...what  in seven days ?? o.k. :-( So I spent an other week in Agra ,before I got on my train to Calcutta and from there by plain to BKK (the ticket from Delhi was 300US and Calcutta only 130)!!! 


endstation Agra on a rooftop I enjoied the view of Taj Mahal






After a bit of planning  in Bangkok I was ready to leave to Cambodia to get a other 30 day's visa  .On the first day I got stopped by a lady on the motorway ,she gave me a bottle of water and a coke whit the reason that she is  fascinated by my way of traveling .The roads are a bit like a highway but in really good condition, so I've  beaten  my Record on the first day out of Bangkok. . . passed Pattaya beach with it's  German restaurant and expensive hotels ,and found a rest in a fisher village called Bang Sare 178km south from Bangkok ,where I slept until late next morning .Next stop was Koh Samet a  National Park .I  was supposed to pay a entrance fee of 200 bath  but instead I paid a 100(other office close to the peer .After a week I left the Island and sold my ticket to the same office who sold it to me .The whole Island seemed  to be tourist paradise whit movies during dinner and a lots of music later on  until midnight, so it was never really relaxing .The only animals where birds and geckos some butterflies .

On the 8th day I was on the road again, heading south closer to the Cambodian side, looking for the next "paradise". On my way to the port to catch the boat back to the mainland, I met a guy who also cycled a lot in his past years. After a lot of stories about his trips ,he gave me a map of Thailand & Cambodia where he made a lot of corrections about distances which will be useful to do some planning for the next days ,then my map (Nelles) is not really correct when it comes to distances !The weather could have been a bit worse then whit 32° C it was more a torture than enjoyable to ride on a open road surrounded by trucks and motor bikes  .But at least much better and safer than India!

My next stop was Koh Chang much bigger than Koh Samet ,and much wilder...and no entrance fees .On this day I made my 90km when I arrived on the peer .Lots of tourist were waiting for the boat ,with the bike I had to take the ferry .I expected a  flat road who will guide me to my next little home ,but to my surprise there it was...the steepest road I've never seen in my life .It took me about 90 min to kill the last 20km on this road .

In a small village close to the sea I fell asleep. I spenttwo weeks on this nice place ,fresh air ,nice  beaches  lotsof birds a really thick rainforest with snakes  geckos and lizards.