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zurich the 3.10.2004

Monday the 4. of october i left from home, to pick up rita at her mother place. At the walensee(lake) we spent our first night. our second day was a short journey to malans. we were invited by ian, a friend of rita. on the same evening he brought us to a thermic source up in the forest north of bad ragaz where we had a hot bath.

the next morning we decidet to help picking raisins from the hills in malans(that's where the good malanser wine is coming from!).

while sweating a lot we force ourselfes to drink a lot, otherwise if you get caught from a headache u will take it to bed in the evening!

in the afternoon we left in direction davos. after we started to climb the wolfgangpass 1600m. we had to organice the next pleeping place. with a big smile rita came back from the phonecell. again we spent a night indoors, invited this time from urs and fabienne

after we finished our last pass we entered davos in the early morning. some shopping was done and again we stood in front of the fluelenpass, that one was not as hard as we expected but still we slept just above the road on a beautyful place at 2200m. after a cold night, we went down, in direction st.moritz.after searching a cheap place to stay, we were standing in front of a jouth hotel when rita came back from a phonecall. peter a nice guy rita knew from uster, just told her that he has aranged a room for us..woow . so as the joice was really easy we slept in a amazing hotel with a stunning buffet.with full bellies we spent a superb time in st.moritz . after a goood sleep we went for our next pass that will bring us trough a amazimg landscape to italy.

and soon after we found ourselves on top of the berninapass. this time we had enough training to climb the top and on the same day, and we left switzerland over the border town tirano on the same day.









Hotels and other places to stay

 always privat exept at walensee (lake) , and on flueelepass