Cyclists I met

Janne & Nadine a huge website about extreme cycling in remote areas like the middle east     Tibet, good reports updated news Route Diagrams etc .

 Trond  from Norway - Australia

stefan und anita mit anhaenger und sehr sehr viel gepaeck um die welt

More cyclist's

the Peace riders a group of peoples cycling for peace around the world

Claude Marthaler the Swiss cyclist, peoples call him the yak-man who arrived back home after     seven years touring the world

 Alexandra Meniconzi a Swiss lady cyclist and photographer in one

see her New Book

 Tom a great site about cycling lots of good photos

 The Karakorum highway and beyond... cycling, questions, visas, camping, food, health and     much more check it out !!!

Sonam Gurung a nepali guy runs a shop in Katmandu rent fix or buy your bike a huge site with lots of links to biketravelers

Beat Heim amazing site about cycling and alpine-trekking

 Bofix and Sarah riding trough Europe Africa & Asia


other travelers

 Jim and Maggie 2 Americans traveling the world tons of pictures

 Maud a French lady traveling trough china

Daniel & Jeanette a swiss couple who traveled the from europe to asia and back home

 Louis palmer a Swiss flying ultra light planes over north/south America, cyclist and Minivan driver from Lucerne

trough Afghanistan to Nepal and back !

Axel Brümmer & Peter Gloeckner a five year cycletrip around the world    

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