The peeled goat 

For the first time I saw how to slaughter a goat ,where there's no blood until they cut the meat! With two fingers the guy went inside the throat to block the artery ,in two seconds the goat was dead. Then he started to peel the skin off ,after a few minutes I had  a naked goat infront of me .The  skin was stretched in a square out of wood to let it dry .The next step was to clean it ,while grandma was cleaning all the intestines the men carried on to cut the whole thing in pieces .Every piece is used ,the stomach as water bag, blood boiled to sausages ,even the shit was laying in the sun to dry. In cold days they'll use it as fire material ,except bones but for that their dog was quite happy .


So today we eat a peeled goat for dinner ,while I picked out the real meat pieces !  I'm not really into intestines.


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